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  • ACS Bowling League

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Compelling concepts start with creative friction.


You’ve arrived at a unique source for every kind of writing and marketing.

What makes us unique? How we make your message compelling to your true target audience.

Here’s a secret: marketing isn’t a shouting match. It’s the ability to effectively convey benefit statements to the correct audience.

Marketing is easy. Marketing that works is not.

The message matters.

We craft messages that communicate benefits – from speeches to ads, and from ghost writing to marketing materials and Web sites.

For any communication to be effective, it must be compelling. To be compelling, it must be relevant to the true target audience. To be compelling, relevant and successful, your communication must be on strategy. And to be on strategy your marketing must clearly convey the benefits you offer to your specific target audience.

A little more complicated than you thought? Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here.

Concepts matter.

What’s a concept? The big idea – it isn’t the copy or the graphic, it’s the perfect marriage of both. Concepts bring clarity to communication through a level of creativity that can only be reached through a specific kind of friction.

Each of the concepts on display here was the result of that friction, and a higher level of creativity – the give and take between art and copy.

The examples you’re seeing above are just a small sampling of the concepts and copy available as PDFs. To see them in an easier-to-read PDF format, please just ask.

Let us help.

We can make your messages more effective. We can make your Web site work harder.

Web sites are the very first place people look for information about you. What they find will determine whether or not they pick up the phone.

From speeches to national advertising campaigns to Web sites, every project is an opportunity to create something new and different. Because good enough never is.™

Here are some of the companies that have benefited from our compelling concepts.